Overview introduction

Product description

  • One Click Set Up
  • Tempertature Difference
  • Sunscreen
  • Multi Car Protection
  • Personalized Design
  • Parking For Work
  • Parking For Having an Outing
  • Business Trip
  • Waiting for People In car
  • Outging Activity

Component list

  • Tripod x1
  • Studdle x 1
  • Fixing chassis x 1
  • Lock pin x 7
  • Luminous windproof rope x 4
  • Adjustable buckles x 4
  • Windproof snap fastener x 4
  • Storage bag x 1

Size Spec.

85cm Storage bag with zipper Gross weight is 6kg.

Make it easy and convenience.

Anywhere you go and whatever you do.

One Click Set Up

New and Patented automatic folded structure,

Strong wireless remote control ,

Stretch freely, relaxed elegance and easy operation .

8secs. for opening, 30secs for installation.

Personalized Design

Tent and holder fastened by snap-fastener,easy process,users can select the color as their like.

Multi Car Protection

The big surface can pretect car from

Dust,acid rain,bird dropping,deciduous etc.

Feel free, move free

Enjoy the feeling of freedom, that’s the feeling we want
to capture when we design our products.


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