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From R&D to production

We are a professional manufacturer engaged in research and development, production and sales integration for the automatic and semi-automatic car umbrella.

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Our design

We have always been a design company at heart. The Innovation Department, responsible for the development of new concepts and products and counting more than 70 employees to date, is the beating heart and the engine of the company.

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Why choose us

Quality has always been at the core of us, as we want our products to last whilst being used every day. To ensure the highest quality, we like to be in charge of the entire development and production process – from the first sketch to the final Product.

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We are looking for agent worldwide.
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Nature Of Design

Nature of design is creative, and bring it to our life.

portable car umbrella originates from our pursue a better life.

Feel free, move free

Enjoy the feeling of freedom, that’s the feeling we want
to capture when we design our products.

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