Automatic Car Umbrella & wireless remote control

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Product Description

Strong double windproof design prevents the car umbrella to be damaged in heavy windy weather.

Strong wireless remote control, Stretch freely, relaxed elegance and easy operation.

8 secs. for opening, 30 secs for installation.

Powerful Engine System 

Precision gear ratio and clever worm drive
The maximum thrust of structure output reaches 900N, which
ensure the smooth working of car sunshade umbrella.

Strong Sucker

Use nitrile rubber suction cups, strong suction, no shedding,
which ensure the stability of the car umbrella during using.

Military Level

Hard fiberglass material poles

Use custom-hardened military material glass fiber,
the special design lightened the material while diminished hardness.
polyurethane material also ensures the toughness of the material, which is wind resistance.
Backbone Connections

Windproof Snap Bottom

The metallic copper material, Sun and rain rust.

Charging Time: 3-4 hours

Standby Time: 20-25 days

Double Windproof Design

The strong double windproof design prevents the car umbrella to be damaged in heavy windy weather.

First Protection

The four windproof rope with hook in the four corner
ensured the stability of the car umbrella.

The Second Protection

The Half fixed connection between tarp and the skeleton prevent the skeleton from
damage, when the wind force reaches level 5, buttons will release automatically,
tent and skeleton separated.

Adjustable Windproof Ropes

The customer can adjust the length of windproof rope to suit different cars.

Anti-Theft Design

There is steel wire in the anti-thief rope, it can’t be cut easily.

Full Protection

The soft rubber mat protect design avoid the car surface to be scratched,
we know the consumers well and do the product with a full heart.

TPU Soft Suction Cup

TPU soft Suction cup keeps the car roof from scratch.

Multiple Colors Available

Fully Customized Support Color

Customized & designs are supported

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Product Features

Car umbrella

 Unfold size : 4000*2100mm
Fold size: 220*220*850mm
N.W. : 6KG
Color: Dark blue, Camo, Silver

 Engine information

Engine: slot brushed Engine
Power: 10W
Current : 1A
Max current : 3.5A
Max power: 900N


Type of battery: Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Voltage: 12V
Capacity : 2200mah*3
Standard input: 1A
Standard output: 3A




Portable car umbrella *1
Wireless remote controller *1
Storage bag with zipper *1
Car charger *1
User manual and warranty *1

1. Don’t drive your car when using car umbrella.
2. Please hoop up the anti-wind hook after install the car umbrella.
3. Please adjust the tightness of the four windproof ropes to avoid shake for the first time use.
4. No using when heavy rain or strong wind.
5. When windy days in urgent need of accommodating the hood, please keep all snaps untie the tarp,
then unlock the wind hook in case of being blown over.
6. In case of any malfunction, please press the reset switch to fold the car umbrella,if it’s not workable, please
connect car charger charging for 1 minute,then unplug the battery charger and fold the car umbrella ;if it’s still can
not work at all,untied the 8 windproof buttons and then remove B-type pin locked on the base of the plunger, pull
out the lock pin and fold the car umbrella manually.
7. On the condition that remote controller is missing, please press the reset switch to fold the umbrella, meanwhile
please contact with the customer service center to match another remote control

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