Standing Support for Outgoing Activity

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Product Description

Transform into An Auto Beach Umbrella

Fit with an additional camping stand, it can be used as beach umbrella & yard umbrella.

Portable and convenient

Charging your device with USB port

Windproof level up to 29 MPH

Go Fishing

Best sunshade for fishing in hot daytime

Enjoying night fishing with LED light plugged into the USB port

Convert to A LED Camping Tent

Based on beach umbrella, install with extra umbrella clothes, you can get a “house” easily.

Comfortable for outdoor activities

Good enclosed “house” for family camping

Easy to set up and pack

Outdoor Party with Friends

Big enough for up to 7 people

Turn into a party tent with colorful LED lights

Product Features


Length:               2100mm
N.W.:                   2.5kg
Package Size:     1050mm x 110mm x 95mm

Component list

Tripod x1

Studdle x 1

Fixing chassis x 1

Lock pin x 7

Luminous windproof rope x 4

Adjustable buckles x 4

Windproof snap fastener x 4

Storage bag x 1

Installation steps

1. Open the tripod, and loosen the screw

2. Put the studdle and fixing chassis on he tripod, and insert into the deep

3. Stick the lock pin into the corresponding hole to fix the umbrella stander if using on the lawn or mud

4. Insert base of the car umbrella into the slot of fixing chassis, and pull down handle of the suction cup to fix it

5. Hold the studdle and pull up with your hands until the spring button pop up and fix it

6. Tie one of the end of the luminous windproof rope into a noose, and set into the windproof snap fastener

7. Cross another end of the luminous windproof rope into the adjustable buckle correspondingly, and tie a knot to avoid the rope off from buckle

8. Hookup the windproof buckle on the corresponding position of the holder, straighten the windproof rope and fix with the lock pin, installation complete

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